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Over 20 years of consistency and reliability

Having over 20 years of extensive experience working on Live Operational Environment Projects, including refurbishment and upgrades, ancillary and related civil works, infrastructure projects, facilities maintenance, and multi-disciplinary cleanrooms, adds substantial value to our Clients in various ways.

Over two decades of experience signals a high level of expertise and competency in managing complex projects within live operational environments. Clients can trust that we have encountered and successfully resolved a wide range of challenges.

With such extensive experience, we've encountered and navigated numerous risks over the years. Our expertise enables us to anticipate potential issues, implement proactive measures, and effectively mitigate risks that could otherwise disrupt operations.

Over the years, we've refined our project management strategies to achieve maximum efficiency. Clients benefit from our tried-and-tested approaches, which regularly lead to streamlined timelines and minimised downtime.

We allocate resources optimally, ensuring that projects stay within budget while meeting quality standards and timeframes.

Clients in live operational environments rely on projects being executed with minimal disruption. Our extensive hands-on experience demonstrates our ability to carry out projects seamlessly, whilst minimising interference with on-going operations.

Projects like cleanrooms and facilities maintenance are often subject to stringent regulations. Your deep understanding of these regulations ensures that projects are executed in full compliance, saving clients from potential penalties.

With a long history of project experience, we're well-equipped to tackle unexpected challenges creatively and efficiently. Clients benefit from our innovative problem-solving approach. We also keep clients informed, address concerns, and maintain transparency throughout the project lifecycle.

With decades of exposure to various client needs and preferences, we can tailor our services to align with the specific goals and expectations of each client. We're adept at adapting to changing circumstances and finding solutions that align with client goals.

In summary, our 20 years plus of extensive experience in Live Operational Environment Projects offer clients a wealth of benefits, from risk mitigation and efficient resource allocation to innovative problem-solving and regulatory compliance. Our track record demonstrates our ability to deliver successful outcomes while maintaining operational stability for your clients.

We are also proud to be listed in the exclusive Irish Development Agency (IDA Ireland) Directory in both the Consulting Services and Cleanroom Design, Construction, Validation Service Categories.

You can review our listings by clicking here.

For us, excellence is a habit.

Photo of Jackie McMahon on site in client location with overlaid information
Managing Director Jackie McMahon on site


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