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The flexibility you need.

The peace of mind that only controlled environment skills can deliver.

Large Cleanroom and Docking Area

Fully integrated systems help drive vital innovation within industries that are protecting the world we live in.

GRP Panel

GRP Panel Data

  • MATERIAL - Glass Reinforced Polyester. 1 piece moulded panels.

  • HEIGHT - Up to 12m in one single piece​

  • CHEMICAL RESISTANCE - resistant up to 120 tested chemicals including H202​

  • REPAIR - 100% repairable in position​

  • INSULATION - Not required, the GRP material provides required insulation.​

  • STATIC RESISTANCE - static dissipative material, good for ESD controlled areas.​

  • AIR RETURN - Integrated low level extract panels. NO DUCTING.​

  • LIFE SPAN -  40 years and counting

GRP Panel 2

Conformance Data

  • FIRE - EN13501-1&2 / BS 476 - 6&7

  • ANTI STATIC -  IEC 60079 - 0​

  • QUALITY - ISO 9001:2008​

  • H202 RESISTANCE - BioQuel Report​

  • CEILING LOAD - BS / EN Standards​

  • DESIGN - ISO 14644 / GMP / FDA

Cleanroom data centre

HPL Panel Data

HPL Panels for Walls and Ceilings
  • MATERIAL OPTIONS - High pressure laminate 4, 5 and 6mm​

  • COVING - Aluminium post applied cove system​

  • INTERNAL FRAME - MRC custom design frame system​

  • DIMENSIONS - Customisable as per requirements​

  • CHEMICAL RESISTANCE - resistant up to 120 tested chemicals including H202​

  • DAMAGE - Very high direct impact resistance, particularly with 6mm​

  • INFILL - Optional, the MRC custom frame provides the structural integrity to all panels​

  • STATIC RESISTANCE - static dissipative material, good for ESD controlled areas.​

  • AIR RETURN - Integrated low level extract panels​

  • FURNITURE - Integration of all GRP furniture and accessories

Cleanroom HVAC

HVAC system

Innovative Solutions for Controlled Environments


We design, supply, install and validate controlled environment HVAC systems.

Working from a wealth of experience, utilising innovate design features and technologies, we offer the most advance Cleanroom HVAC systems available.

Cleanroom Flooring example

Intrinsically hygienic, easy to clean and selected in-line with the processes uses in the rooms,
types of flooring we supply include: 
Vinyl, Epoxy, 

Raised Floor Systems, Perforated Air Return Flooring, Anti-Static and 

Conductive Flooring.


LED-Sealed Cleanroom Lighting 
Systems designed to meet 

Environmental Challenges
Cleanroom showing access system

Inset door frames

Overlapping door frames

Extended flange inset doors

Wraparound surface mounts


Exit lights

Cleanroom showing access panels

Mechanical & Electrical Services

Mechanical and Electrical Services

Cleanroom construction services and products including:

  • Cabling and termination

  • Sockets

  • Lightings

  • Access Control and Interlock

  • Compressed Air Systems

  • Purified Water Systems


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