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The reassurance ISO Certification delivers

Our clients maintain the highest standards of Environmental Health and Safety and Occupational Health and Safety, which makes them even more grateful that we are independently certified in these areas in addition to Quality Management.

Our ISO certifications for Environmental Health and Safety (EHS), Occupational Health and Safety (OHS), and Quality Management provide several reassurances to clients. These certifications confirm that our organization has met internationally recognised standards for these areas, which leads to increased trust, credibility, and competitiveness in the marketplace.

Clients can trust that we adhere to rigorous standards and continuously strive for improvement.

They are reassured that our organisation is taking proactive steps to identify and mitigate potential risks, both in terms of environmental impact and occupational health and safety hazards

Clients can trust that our operations are conducted in compliance with industry regulations and laws.

Clients benefit from the reassurance that the products or services they receive from our organisation are of consistent quality and reliability.

ISO certification for Environmental Health and Safety highlights our organisation's efforts to minimise its environmental impact. Clients who prioritise environmentally responsible partners are reassured by this commitment.

Our OHS certification confirms that our company places a strong emphasis on employee health and safety.

ISO certifications require ongoing assessment and improvement of processes. Clients are confident that our company is dedicated to continuously enhancing its operations.

Our Quality Management certification focuses on meeting customer requirements and enhancing customer satisfaction. Clients trust that our organisation values their needs and aims to deliver products or services that meet or exceed expectations.

The certification process involves documenting processes and procedures, and this transparency reassures clients that we are accountable for our actions and decisions.

In summary, ISO certifications for EHS, OHS, and Quality Management offers our clients a range of reassurances, including a commitment to excellence, risk mitigation, compliance with regulations, environmental responsibility, and a focus on employee well-being. These certifications have helped us build trust, and have lead to long-lasting client relationships

Jackie McMahon Construction and Cost Consultancy are independently examined and fully certified by Notified Body Certification Europe, who choose random project sites to review each year.

We are also proud to be listed in the exclusive Irish Development Agency (IDA Ireland) Directory in both the Consulting Services and Cleanroom Design, Construction, Validation Service Categories.

You can review our listings by clicking here.

For us, excellence is a habit.

ISO Certificates for Jackie McMahon Construction
Jackie McMahon Construction ISO Certifications


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